Carol Ann Duffy – Rapture

It shaped the way I see love as a subject for poetry and inspired a lot of my own writing. I personally believe there’s something for everyone to learn from the poems in this collection.

Thomas Hardy

His style and poetry is something I admire hugely and and am frequently inspired by. As a historical figure I also find him fascinating.

Simon Armitage

His ability to create both moving and comedic works both to such a high standard is something I find really admirable.

Wilfred Owen

Despite not being typically attracted to war poetry, I find his work truly beautiful on a level I can’t describe. I think he captures the humanity of war in an incredible way.

Charly Cox – She Must Be Mad

Again, not my typical style, but I feel that this book is a reminder of everything that poetry can be if we look away from the traditional sense.

Katie Proctor is the an LGBTQ+ poet from Yorkshire, England. She writes freeform poetry often regarding her experience with OCD and mental health. Most importantly, she loves to love. Outside writing, she is a student with a passion for literature, history and classics. You can find her on Twitter @katiiewrites and Instagram @katiieproctor.

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