The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene

Greene is economical with his words but less is always more, as they say. A bleak, poignant experience about hope and what makes our heroes.

The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

Explore the muddiness of morality but goes about it in unabashedly theatrical fashion. I read this on my commute and often left the house a little earlier to sneak more of it in.

Train Dreams by Denis Johnson

Denis Johnson’s work exists at an intersection between poetry and fiction I wish I could ever reproduce. A phenomenal, affecting, done-in-one-sitting read.

Jamie Thrasivoulou

I was lucky enough to see Jamie Thrasivoulou perform a good few years ago now but the experience will always stick. A disarming, honest writer with an amazing body of work. ‘Beneath a Banana Moon’ will probably always be one of the best poems I’ve seen performed.

Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich

Erdrich manages to distill many voices, making a warm, sad book about storytelling and community. Again, I’m jealous I can’t write this well.

Tom Lawlor is a writer from Coventry, UK, who is just about getting back into the swing of things. You can find him on twitter and instagram @ellysdoespoems

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