“Stop the Clocks” was an early favourite because I too, couldn’t understand how the void I felt wasn’t felt by others. His work influenced a lot of my earlier writing.

Miranda July

I got “No One Belongs Here More Than You” at a time when I felt unheard. She weaves words I want to hear, fuels the stories I want to tell and I am all ears!

Nnedi Okorafor

Her stories have stayed with me for months after. She’s by far one of my favourite SFF authors. There’s something unapologetic about her narrative that I absolutely love!

Madeleine L’Engle

I stumbled upon her books at a street vendor’s and I have been in love since. My first fantasy story was born after that first encounter.

Warsan Shire

Her pieces are music, they carry pain, questions, scents and stories so lightly, they leave me in some kind of a trance.

Ray is writer of poetry, SFF and advertising copy. When she isn’t writing, she plays with wax, paint, thread and plants. Find her poetry on http://www.raysattic.wordpress.com

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