John Cooper Clarke

Part punk rocker, part poet part comedian… Performance poet and raconteur who specialises in satirical social observations on British society’s foibles, eccentricities and pop culture, delivered in rapid-fire nasal monotone. Just brilliant.

Mary Oliver

I relate to her juvenile perspective of nature and creatures. As well as her shocking, veering shifts in direction; asshe often delivers a stark reminder of our own mortality just when you started to settle in! Dark and indisputable.

Roger McGough

A national hero in Britain. And from Liverpool, where my family are from and where I live. A trickster you can trust. Playful. intimate. Cosy. Moving. He kindly gave me permission to use an extract of his poem in my new book, Fear is a Liar, and inspired me to write when my Mum was terminally ill.

Sylvia Plath

She starkly expresses a sense of alienation and self-destruction. She gets me!

Emily Dickinson

Bold, brilliant and before her time. Mysterious and rebellious… an extraordinary poet!

Du Noyer’s poetry is an antidote to the excesses of civilisation, exploring and reflecting on often unnoticed but profound details in the natural world.

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