Tyler Keevil

His novels and short stories, set in Canada, are the most beautiful works of art. His story telling is as rich and dynamic and exciting as the landscape he writes about.

Linda Pastan

Hands down my favourite, most treasured poet. Why are your poems so dark? is a poem I return to. And return to. It shifts something in me every time I read it. No matter how many times I read it, it gets me right in the chest, right in the gut, right in the eyes. Right in all the places poems are supposed to get you.

Rita Dove

Because I wish I was as good as her.

Nikki Giovanni

Leaving for Sweden, trying to recover from a violent relationship (and it’s all very cliche, I know), “Love Poems” was a slither of light and warmth and feeling in a dark and shit time.

Crystal Jeans

A friend here in Wales who happens to be one of the most talented and assured writers I have ever read. Her novels to date have been published by small Welsh Press, Honno, but I will say it here on record that Crystal is a writer who, in the near future, is going to be BIG. Her writing is dirty and excellent, and raw and yet finessed at the same time.

Rhian Elizabeth is a Hay Festival Writer at Work and a Coracle Europe International Resident in Sweden. She is the author of the novel, Six Pounds Eight Ounces (Seren, Books), and the poetry collection, the last polar bear on earth (Parthian Books).

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