Richard Brautigan

I love the poignant simplicity of both his poetry and his prose. Also, he represents a time in history (the 60s) that fills me with nostalgia for my own past.

Sylvia Plath

Plath was a kickass Scorpio poet who described the hellish pain of depression like nobody else. When she wrote, “Daddy, daddy, you bastard, I’m through”, you know she meant it.

Diane Wakowski

She’s the absolute queen of confessional poetry. I can sit on the floor and read her work for hours.

Don Marquis

I can think of no other poet who has influenced my work more than Don Marquis. “Archy and Mehitabel”, a rambling sequence of poems written by a cockroach who is the reincarnation of a free verse bard, was so ahead of its time that I can’t believe the words are 100 years old.

George Orwell

Such a straightforward, eloquent writer. And who can possibly forget Winston Smith’s rat torture scene in “1984”?

Leah Mueller is an indie writer, tarot/astrology pro, vegan chef, and spoken word performer from Bisbee, Arizona. She has published books with numerous small presses. Her most recent volumes, “Misguided Behavior, Tales of Poor Life Choices” (Czykmate Press), “Death and Heartbreak” (Weasel Press), and “Cocktails at Denny’s” (Alien Buddha Press) were released in 2019. Leah’s work appears in Blunderbuss, Citron Review, The Spectacle, Miracle Monocle, Outlook Springs, Atticus Review, Your Impossible Voice, and other publications. She won honorable mention in the 2012 Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry contest.

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