Margaret Atwood

She’s obviously a titan, every word is placed with surgical precision it’s almost frightening. Also not enough people know she started out as a poet, and her poetry’s obviously bloody great.

Denise Levertov

A copy of her Selected Poems was put in my hands by my favourite (now retired) bookseller in Paris, Phyllis from Berkeley Books. There’s something undeniable and uncluttered in her voice, you can’t help but be inspired by her work.

Ezra Pound

It’s cliché and it breaks my dumb heart that he fashed out in such a spectacularly stupid way, but there is (or was) in Pound a deep, burning belief in poetry and literature and an adamant will to promote it everywhere all the time and it was never enough and there was always something more to do.


Modernists are my dope and when I reached the last poem of The Walls Do Not Fall I was stunned and thinking back on it I am still stunned. Hermetic, alchemical, epic.

Grant Morrison

He’s comic books, not poetry, but I pick up everything I can by him. The Invisibles, The Filth, Arkham Asylum, Doom Patrol, his work on Batman and X-men, it’s an unending fractal niche of fun and having thought processes being knocked off-course by ideas big as planetoids.

Godefroy Dronsart is a writer, teacher, musician and all-around enthusiast for all things experimental, disjointed and occult. His debut chapbook, The Manual, is out and published by Sweat Drenched Press as part of the Experimentae Chaps chapbook series. His music can be found on Bandcamp under the name Ozone Grass.

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