Carl Sandburg

He wrote simply of humble things, and collectively the poems form an argument for empathy, people-power, and speaking truth to power.

John Berryman, Dream Songs

Because Henry should have listened to Mr. Bones. So many good lines throughout, and a rigor that somehow looks slovenly at times.

James Agee & Walker Evans, Let Us Know Praise Famous Men

The very strong, iconic visuals coupled with the righteous anger make this a book I return to ever couple of years.

Pound’s Cantos

As problematic as Pound is, his use of source materials and the scope of his vision make this one of the very few books I’ve kept between my many moves.

Tristan Tzara

Either his absurdity was serious or vice versa. Either way, the risks he took in his writing blew up and disrupted everything before it.

David Harrison Horton is a Beijing-based writer, artist, editor and curator. He is author of the chapbooks Pete Hoffman Days (Pinball) and BeiHai (Nanjing Poetry). His poetry has recently appeared in In Parentheses, Spittoon, swifts & slows and Otoliths, among others.

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