Ursula K. LeGuin

I grew up immersed in sci-fi and fantasy, and I’ve seen all kinds of worlds; LeGuin’s have always been the most imaginative and engaging.

Octavia Butler

Butler makes *character* the central part of her characters. They are intensely personal, believable, and relatable.

Piers Anthony

As a youngster I was endlessly entertained by his clever novels. As I got older and discovered his short stories, I learned about the real depth and breadth a single writer can cover.

James Tiptree, Jr. / Alice B. Sheldon

I grew up on cyberpunk between the 1980s and the millennium. I hadn’t read Philip K. Dick yet, but when I stumbled upon Tiptree I discovered that cyberpunk has a longer and *much* richer history than I could have imagined.

Samuel R. Delany

No one plays with words and language like Delany. To call his work “jazz” only scratches the surface of what he has accomplished.

Bola C. King-Rushing is a dad first and foremost. He’s also a professional writer, reader, editor, Oxford comma-ist, and community-college English instructor.

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