LENNY – S1 (TRAILER): The Interview.

Can you tell me about yourself?

My name is Lenny.

What’s your profession?

I’m simply existing.

Why should the world care about your thoughts?

To your point of view, I mean.

Why should I listen to yours?

What’s next for you?

I’m just trying to fall in love.

Do you have any prospects?

There’s someone whose seeing me,

…and I see him on occasion.

How do your friends feel about him?

Why does their opinion matter on the situation?

So what’s your purpose?

I simply look at my reflection,

Then evaluate my recollections,

Make advances

Based on my acceptance,

Not my repetitious perceived rejections.

I have no time for second guesses

And self depreciating dereliction.

I deserve more…

Than to simply be a secondary selection.

I deserve appreciation.

Made to feel like I appreciate situations,

That I’m needed on a daily basis,

And not just the weekend

Like that R&B song. 

I’m poetically more defined,

I try daily to be more refined,

But don’t give myself a hard time

When I feel I’ve failed immeasurably,

Because ultimately I am inevitably…

Myself and no one else.

Not your desire or understanding

Of who you think I should be.

So let me be very clear,

I’m just gonna be honest

Regardless of what you want

To hear or see.

You can take that how you want…

Until next time



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