I am cartoon
Spawned out of sedatives,
and the undressing of social ghosts
– from “Cartoon”

Somewhere, there is a balance between mythology, self-esteem, and cartoon. But it’s not easy to find. Even if you could, it’s not easy to navigate. It’s not enough to feel anxious; it’s enough to feel like stepping away, becoming a line drawing – not sure if it’s even deserving of color.

That said, David O’Nan’s The Cartoon Diaries, helps us to struggle with the craziness of the everyday. This collection acts as a roadmap through the never ending cacophony – the voices, fears, Gods, and the everlasting sense that if you were to slow down for one moment you may never start again. It’s knowing that “there will not be any crumbling / in my march through civil breakdowns”.

It’s the reminder that myths can change over time. The knowledge that what we put forth in society will not provide us karma. We have to put in the work to become secure in all we are. O’Nan reminds us that we are just sketches – just cartoons – of ourselves unless we are willing to face the everyday with a sense of confidence and purpose.

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