S1/EP2: Tempo…

I guess I should keep tempo…

Stick to the outline of the design,

So you can keep track of the story. 

This round the plot was a little different. 

We were both falling.

I wonder sometimes who would catch us,

And every time he reminds me,

Each other. 

Hopefully for me this act won’t be a repeat, 

So I guess I’ll just keep the tempo…

Prepare for the crescendo, 

Because it’s difficult for people like me,

Who aren’t used to hearing the words

I lov…

At least not hearing them

And they mean something,

Without all the other things

That we didn’t ask for. 


I drift deeper into

The soft,

Warm and near space that

You wrap around me


I’m just keeping up the tempo… 

Moving like I need to

But the rest of that is between you,

Me and my recollection,

Memories of those midday

Summer afternoons,

Where my poetry was new,

And had no


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