Adam Sandler

I grew up watching his movies. The Sandman will always be the funniest person to me and I try to incorporate his whacky humor into my writing.

Charlie Kaufman

Kaufman just understands loneliness, relationships, and the human psyche so well. His writing and movies are super influential for me.

Larry David

Is there anyone who can make a situation more awkward and cringeworthy than Larry David? His constant questioning regarding the most miniscule things is so funny and refreshing to me.

Simon Rich

This is probably the only person who can write a story about a man trapped in a pickle jar and make me cry. Simon Rich showed me that I can have these totally absurd ideas and have them be funny and emotional at the same time.

Stephen King

This dude is seriously a robot. Not only do I admire his stories (Christine is undeniably #1), but his work ethic is insane. I strive to be like him, but there is not enough coffee in the world.

Shawn Berman plays a mean air guitar. He once ate 100 spicy chicken wings after a dare. He runs The Daily Drunk. His recent work can be found on Hobart, Rejection Letters, and (Mac) ro (Mic). He tweets some rad GIFs @sbb_writer.

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