S1/EP3: ºC.

In-between our bouts of passion…

I played brainvita,

While he worked at the kitchen table,

And we enjoyed each other silently. 

We both sat naked,

Hot and sweaty in the apartment. 

I’d met Uri and his partner

When I first moved to New York,

But it seems as their fire extinguished,

The spark between us remained.

There were no curtains to hide us.


We filled the air with hormones,

Sweat and designer colognes.

The hardwood floor was sticky.

Blackening my feet no further

Than the skin atop them.

My toes remained clean as we embraced,

And we found comfort in each other’s

Heavy breaths,

Glasses of water,




And longs gazes…

In front of the sink,

Move your toothbrush

And look up into the mirror.

Let me embarrass my mother in ways

She hopes to never have to discuss…

Or at least never imagined to.

With no rhythm or rhyme,

I drenched myself,

Quenched my thirst,

With your perspiration.

My next breath came from your flailing,

Body in amazement of my abilities.

The illusion of time,

Only a tangible factor

When you received a work email.

I fucking hate that notification.

Noise interrupting me,

Interrupting right before I…

Fill spaces in ways people only

Talk & Think,

After a few drinks and substances…

Openly at least.

I impress myself cause my

Strokes deeper than the deep,

Deepest spot in the ocean…

Or should I stop being coy

And just say you?

I leave teeth marks

And enjoy the resound,

As it claps and slaps,

Loud enough for the neighbor

In the other building watching us to hear.

Exploring the ins and outs of

Innuendoes and overt

Interactions in 2020,

Yet simultaneously it’s,

Thirty fifty six and

Three zero point five six

°C in the room.

Midday on a summer afternoon.

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