S1/EP4: Told. (After…)


I told you:

“You look good.”

You told me:

“You look better.”

I told you:

“You’re the moistness that quenches my thirst.”

You told me:

“Your kisses are engulfing,

Like a drenching monsoon

…only wetter.”

I told you:

“You impress me with your ambition

And how well you put yourself together.”

You told me:

“You caught my attention.

You’re smoother than silk.

Oil slick.

My partner in crime.

A real go getter.”

I told you:

“We could exchange seven digits.”

You told me:

“We could make six figures.”

You told me:

“We could rob a bank together.”

You told me:

“We make it happen.

I’m down with it.”

I told you:

“We could be unbreakable.



You told me:

“We are each other.

We exist with one another…

In our current and past lives…

We will always be together.”

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