S1/EP5: After Glow.

Moisturized and slightly,

Smoother than silk…

Oil slick,

Is the spot in which I bask

In my after glow.

Your satisfaction in tow,

Along with my consideration,

Awareness of uncommon iterations,

Now consumes my sight and thoughts,

Things only I comprehend and know…

Uri keeps a photo hidden

Of his recently separated from,

Ex husband next to the bed.

So many questions left unsaid,

In the silence

As I thought I knew my space

Was only temporary,

And temporarily filled.

Both sides of that statement.

As he sleeps comfortably

My mind races.

Can I be upset when I still

Keep images

Of me and numerous exes

In various places?

Smiles on our faces in between videos

Of different explicit occasions?

In awe and amazement

Of the audacity

I find justifiable in this situation…ship.

He gently turns.

His hand grazes my face.

My eyes follow his fingertips.

I resolve my inquiries,

And silence my thoughts

As his forehead meets my lips.

I accept that his heart is still not only his.


A fraction of each of our actions

Is all that I find comfort with,

But this feeling, 

Is feeling like…

“Something About Us”

Could more than “this”.

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