S1/EP6: Gray Areas & Silver Linings.

Last time I thought,

I was truly feeling something, 

I realized I felt nothing, 

And what I thought was love

Was simply us,

Just existing with each other.

I thought that if I met someone 

Different from me,

Our opposing ideologies 

Would at least,

Give us room for conversation, 

Communication & Consideration. 

Instead we just argue. 

What happens when you wonder,

If to be with someone

Means just putting up with each other,

Or finding another person 

Who thinks about these things too,

As you both say nothing,

And simply exist

In this gray area?

Suffocating in the lack of space. 

Choking in 12pt new times,

As I forced myself to swallow 

Another sentence I longed to say…

Word by word. 

Hyperventilating in the lack of open air. 

Drowning in my own disdain, 

Disappointment because I knew,

It was only a matter of time

Before you were no longer

Within the reach of my fingertips,

Lips & Lungs.

Vapored weight providing no satisfaction

That can be honestly depicted,

Or adequately described here.

But I still try, 

And I still write,

Seeking divine inspiration 

Or maybe a silver lining. 

That’s what we call the light

At the end of our tunnels 

And cloudy skies these days. 

This world is an absurdity, 

Or maybe that’s just my view of it all

Consumed by haze and lost

In this grey area.

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