S1/EP7: Closing Remarks. (Part I)

When we are apart,

Thoughts of you consume my mind. 

I think of you and find,

A lot more than I admit. 

I want my words,

I want our moments,

I want this to be…

I want this to mean…

Something more.

Have more than weight.

Have mass and gravity,

All things necessary to exist.

I want to truly feel…

That this solidified my tribulations,

And that my wait was worth it.

My favorite thoughts of us

Are the ones that haven’t happened…


I listened to a song that made me think of you. 

An album I hadn’t heard later,

I feel like I knew you better than when

I invested time in knowing you. 

So should I call you sometimes?

Would you answer?

Or am I still stuck on stand still until then,

Wondering how our story progresses?

Somehow still…

Deep breath. 

Long stare. 

I miss your soft kisses.


Sweet things in the evening’s air.

That was honesty. 

This was honestly…

More than I planned to share. 

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