S1/EP8: Closing Remarks. (Part II)

So am I making closing remarks?

Or is this a follow up discussion?

I just wanna avoid un-alerted spoilers,

And their possible repercussions.

I’m honestly not sure how to answer, 

Or what to say. 

Then I differ to plead the fifth

Until the questions are clearly stated.

I’d like to approach things in this way.

So where to begin?

Then again…


Didn’t we start already?

I’ve let down my guard and opened up.

“I’ve never done this before”

I thought things were going steady. 

**to this we both laughed privately.**

So series or season,

How would you describe the impending finale?

Well my numbers and ratings…

Weren’t too inspiring,

Or even promising in all honestly. 

I just guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Maybe we and the viewers at home

Will find out in season three.

So there is a second season?

Ask my writer.

There’s possibly a possibility.

You can find him on Twitter. 

Simply search: #LENNY

Or start typing: @ Bradley G

I guess the rest will finish itself.

I guess I’d say the same for me.

So until next time,



Or whoever I may happen to be,

In our next set of encounters that is…

read “LENNY” (Season 1) from the beginning

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