While Standing in Line for Death by CAConrad

CAConrad uses (Soma)tic ritual to take notes which turn into achitrecually stunning, deeply personal poems. While Standing in Line for Death is a book of rituals and their resulting poems which are political, confronting, and tuned-in to a deep radio frequency of the modern day world.

The New World by Kelly Schirmann

This pandemic-era release asks, “How do you write poems in a country like this?”, confronting the truths of creating art under modern capitalism. A must-read for the quarantined artist sitting at home and wondering how anyone can write poems at a time like this.

The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers by Bhanu Kapil

Kapil’s series of prose poems are collaged from real interviews with Indian women. The book centers around responses to twelve questions that are the titles of each piece, like “What is the shape of your body?” and “What are the consequences of silence?”.

Renaissance Normcore by Adèle Barclay

Adèle Barclay builds a world of queer desire, astrological meaning, and emotional memory over ruminations on music, relationships, and love. Featuring ruminations on powerhouse female artists from Jenny Lewis, Fiona Apple, Maggie Nelson, Anne Carson, The Little Mermaid, Emily Dickinson.

Huge Cloudy by Bill Carty

Bill Carty’s debut collection explores the moody Northwest landscape through image-rich field notes from around Seattle.

Kate (8) Van Petten is a poet and songwriter based in Seattle, Washington. They are the founder of Pandemic Poets, a movement of poets writing donation-based poems benefiting COVID relief funds. You can find their debut album, Quiet World by Baddy Gold, on Spotify and you can find their zines rotating around coffee shops in Seattle.

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