Music and poetry have been synonymous for my writing since I was a little kid. The ability to creatively express one’s thoughts and ideas behind an instrumental has always intrigued me. The deep analysis of the emotions to the choice of words, the entire process compares to the approach I use in my writing. This column will take a look at songs from week to week that I can’t get enough of and deep dive into my own thoughts in regards to them. The first track comes from Zayn, best known for being in the pop group, One Direction. He’s back in the limelight with new music and I’m glad to see it. Out of all of the band members, Zayn’s solo musical career was set to take off right from the beginning with the release of his hit single, Pillowtalk. He’s since to release two albums and settled down to start a family in the last five years. Now’s he back with new music with his latest track, Vibez.

     The mid-tempo track finds the musician calling out for his lover. He depicts all the things and ways to create the mood in order to ensure he’s not waiting for long. The chorus builds up the anticipation for the artist, as he suggests to not keep him waiting for long. You can feel his emotions come through on the track through his repeated lines “I need you now, I need you here. The heartthrob may have not released music in almost three years, but he has not skipped a beat. This single appears on his third album, Nobody Is Listening available now.


(inspired by the song of the same name)

I miss it…

The rush 

The thrill

The crush 

Seeking adventure was an adventure

Not enough words for this beautiful picture

You bring light in my life 

All I am is the fixture

Chemistry is there

Just look at the mixture

Don’t keep my waiting



Should I shoot my shot

Or pass it up for an assist

It’s all about the timing

And I hope you don’t miss

People stuck on the rebounds

But I’m blocking the negative energy

You may see your past as a loss

But with you it’s a win for me

I’ll be waiting forever to get closer

I would give up everything just to know her

Trying to a catch a vibe 


Reggie Johnson is an author reigning out of Cincinnati, Ohio. At the age of 9, he found a love for writing while on summer vacation. With influences from music, Reggie has created a rhythmic style of writing to tell his personal experiences and beyond. Reggie’s latest book, Cuarentena, along with others can be found on all major online retailers. 

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