REPLAYS: ESCOBAR – Xponentbeatz featuring Kriiispy & Halfofyou

One thing I love about music is the ability to discover new artists. A musician’s ability to capture various sounds from different cultures and backgrounds intrigue me. For this week, I will introduce you guys to three artists from Florida that incorporate Spanish roots into a heavy-hitting hip hop track. The track is entitled Escobar brought to by producer, Xponentbeatz featuring Kriiispy and Halfxyou. The up and coming beatmaker from Miami, Florida began making this beat with his friend, Dominican rapper, Kriiispy just playing around with guitar instrumentals. Once the song came together, they reached out to his Cuban-bred labelmate from Grocerystore Records, Halfofyou to add his vocals.

The braggadocious mid-tempo track features a hook sung in Spanish by both Halfofyou and Kriiispy. Halfofyou kicks off the first verse riding the beat effortlessly followed by a bilingual verse from Kriiispy. I’m excited to hear more from the Florida producer, hopefully a full-length project follows. Escobar is now available on all music platforms.


(Inspired by song of the same name)

Body in Miami

Not pushing buttons

Still don’t try me

I’m known to push boundaries

And I do it without warning

On my John Singleton 

Dedicated to higher learning 

Buenos días, yeah good morning

You do you and I’ll do what’s for me

I’m a sapiosexual, please come correct 

So don’t bore me

If that big hand don’t meet the little hand

Then you can quit wasting my time

2021 I’m here to stay and I’m taking all that’s mine

Yo me siento el bichote

Como Pablo Escobar

They say my end is near

And I say it’s too far

La elección es tuya 

Esto es ahogarse o nadar

Push my pen until the end

I’m ready to leave my mark 

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