Rainbow Rowell

Rowell is by far my favorite prose writer. Her characters in all her books but especially Simon and Baz in her Carry On trilogy feel so real. They come alive off the page and in our heads along with the stories she tells about heart-tearing relationships.

Mason Deaver

Deaver tells compelling queer stories in such a realistic way. Their book I Wish You All The Best is compelling, heartfelt, and still true to our times today.

Barbara Dee

While her target audience is more to middle school aged kids, I still find Dee’s stories attention-grabbing. Her book Star-Crossed is one of my favorites as it’s a story about finding identity at an age where everything starts to grow complex and confusing. As a person who has gone through the journey of finding out my sexuality, the story is realistic to what going through that journey feels like, making the story realistic.

Nita Tyndall

Tyndall’s book Who I Was With Her has made me cry on multiple occasions. Her storytelling of a closeted queer girl losing her girlfriend is relatable to many other closeted queer people who have experienced the loss of a partner, causing the book to be one that is close to my heart. Her characters and their emotions feel real which makes the story even more relatable to other queer people.

Alice Walker

A more classic author but still deserves the recognition. Her book The Color Purple is a subtly queer book that will make you reevaluate how we treat minorities in society. Years later, it’s still such a relevant story that deserves to be read by everyone.

Halle is a bisexual writer who enjoys writing short romance, sci-fi, and horror stories along with poetry and gets her ideas from random life experiences and fanfiction. When she’s not writing, she’s either watching YouTube or playing Animal Crossing. Her Twitter handle is @YaTheatreNerd

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