S2/EP2(α): Silence…

In the early evening of fall,

Silence sat among us

Like an ambience. 

Relativity relevant

To our relationship?

Not at all,

But I had to accept that,

We were no longer

Only fucking.

I took days of distance,

Contemplated all my exes,

Reflected & Reminisced,

Made a few decisions

On how to measure…


The depths of this experience,

When your eyes meet mine 

Mid-smile and mid-kiss,


All these feelings, 

Cause I’m feeling,

So & So

On that and this…


Is only relatively relative 

When I miss,

The engulfing and encompassing


Of the arms and limbs that 

Reinforce my stance

Early after midnight,

While the moon acts as my spotlight,

And I write…

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