LENNY – S2/EP2(Ω): Silent.

Silent as an open book,

We stare into the void

Of each other’s eyes.

We knew

What was in plain sight,

But sought answers

To unspoken questions.

Somehow understanding,

It was only a matter of time.

Our existence would only exist

In this chapter of my life.

The length was still undefined.

And with words

Lost in translation,

We exist on borrowed time.

Moments stolen from my dreams,

Because this love story is only mine…

In-between margins,

Sheets & Seams,

Random drafts and short stories,

Written on LCD screens

In the early hours

Of grey mornings…

So while my other half sleeps,

I’m awake

Staring at the ceiling.

Looking for comfort,

Telling myself:

“Just breathe”

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  1. Very well penned!

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