Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas’ poetic language is sheer music. It is visceral, and it is both rich and complex.

William Carlos Williams

William Carlos Williams gives us the world in its bare essentials and allows us to fill in the colors and the story, and the pathos. We know the world in his poems, and then we see it for ourselves.

Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath just makes it look so easy! Her metaphorical language is both sparse and richly heartbreaking.

Wallace Stevens

Wallace Stevens reinvents the poem as a structural entity and as a communicative genre every time he writes. He removes the eyes we have and replaces them, briefly, with eyes that perceive new colors, new shapes, and new relationships.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s poetry, apparent both in his lyrics and in his other publications (books, liner notes, back-covers, etc. is free and socially penetrating. His writing is both approachable and spiritually intense.

Damian Ward Hey has had poetry published in several places, including Poetry Pacific, Truck, and Cricket Online Review. More recently, his work has appeared in Madness Muse Press, Formidable Woman Sanctuary, Rye and Whiskey Review, and Happy Fukkaday 2 U (The Alien Buddha Press). Additional poems will soon appear in They’re Conspiring against the Alien Buddha; The Cajun Mutt Press; and the upcoming anthologies, Poets with Masks On (Ed. Melanie Simms); and Birth – Lifespan Vol. 1. (Pure Slush. Ed. Matt Potter) Damian Ward Hey lives on Long Island and is a professor of literature and theory at Molloy College.

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