In recent years, artists have chosen to go the independent route in the music industry. The freedoms are more significant at times in comparisons to artists subjected to the constraints of a recording contract. The major difference is the output of music. Traditional artists may release a promotional single from time to time, but naturally, artists are confined to release music during an album/project rollout. One artist that has made a name for himself in the industry by his consistent release of new music by his unique marketing strategies is Sicilian rapper, Russ.

A lot of you were introduced to Russ back in 2019 when his song, ‘Best On Earth’ got the attention of Rihanna to spark a social media challenge, propelling his song up the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Russ first started to release music free online dating from 2011 to 2014. Over that period of time he released 11 albums to minimal attention. He then decided to release a new song weekly for his hardcore fans and this helped him gain more fans. From 2016 to 2020, he signed with Columbia Records and released three more albums before starting his own independent label. His latest single, Misunderstood was released last week on all music retailers.

            One thing I admire about Russ is that he is a triple threat being a singer, rapper and a producer. His ability to transition between his singing an rapping is one of his greatest strengths as an artist. On his latest effort, Misunderstood finds Russ singing over the melodic track as he details of his dealings with people’s skewed perceptions of him. The song will be very familiar to listeners as the message will resonate with fans.

If this is your first listen of Russ’ music, I would go take a look at the musician’s catalogue. From being introduced to the artist in 2018, Russ has become one of my inspirations in writing as I admire his appreciation for the craft. His consistency and his ability to have people relate to him through his songs is why his fanbase goes hard for the rapper.

Misunderstood (inspired by the song of the same name)


An interesting concept

On a mission of bettering myself

While completing all these side quests 

Counting up all of these trophies

What a system measuring my success

It’s like someone playing my life on a PS5

When the game ain’t even out yet

It’s like they created my character for me

Someone choosing who they want me to be 

But no one’s doing that, I’m doing me

Perfectly set on being an anomaly

I’m a beat the system 

There’s no one out there that’s gonna do it for me

They wanted me to play sports

But I played the game

Top 10% in my class

Began to make a name

Or they saw my reign

Of a king, a future heir to a throne

At times, the roads traveled

I walked alone

There was some cold moments I felt in my bones

Ghosts of the pasts want to haunt me

But I’ll leave my grievances on they tombstone


I am more than my skin 

I am more than what you think of me

And I won’t let you win

And in a sport set up for us to lose

Where most only seem to tie

As long as we don’t have a winning record

They don’t care how we get by

But I’m going to add to that winning column

Before I grow my wings and fly

And you not gonna take that away from me

No I won’t tell a lie


You only see

Pieces that fit your view of me

Life of a jigsaw

What you saw I can’t agree 

With your current idea of me

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