LENNY – S2/EP3(Ω): Feel.

My life is falling apart.

Slipping from my grasp,

While I hold it together,


I can’t understand

The reason for my circumstance.

I was nothing I’d prefer to be.

I was not displeased,


I was aware my golden years

Were lifetimes of various lives ago.

A precession beyond my reach.

My life feels like a black opus.

Older black skin encases me.

Depending on perception,

Or evaluation

Of my inflection,

You could say I was consumed,

By the impending certainty,

Which shaded the environment

And space I find myself…

My outlook was subjective.


I’d fallen in love,


Being in love,

Wasn’t as fulfilling

As you’d think…


Everything they’d said.

Wasn’t what it should’ve seemed.

I wanted something other

Than what life decided

Would be enough to sustain me.

My current situation,

Appears inexplicably bleak.

Because amongst all his love,

In my arms,

Comfortable as he sleeps,

Next to me,

Soft as velvet

Is the hold of him,

When I need to be held tightly.

Maybe this is the reason,

(In full disclosure),

When I close my eyes…

I feel empty.

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