S2/EP3(α): Grow.

I moved in slowly.

Circled my situation intently.

Vulture picking the carcass,

Of who I was and used to be.

My past became nourishment.

I used that nourishment to grow.

I’m learning to care,

About more than myself,

And you know what that is?


I gestated swiftly,

I cannibalized the old me.

I germinated silently. 


No one saw it coming. 

Took only a few things each week,

Each week leaving behind more things,

Things when contemplating cohabitation,

I considered were necessities I’d need.

Need during extended stays,

Because extended stays with you,

Became the focus

Of how I scheduled my time.

With my metamorphosis resolved,

I knew it was time to move.

My hair,

Is in every drain.

Extra towels in the shower.

Clothes behind the door.

Random socks and my favorite denim,

Litter various areas,

Across various areas of the floor.

I create organized clutter,

Metaphor for my life.

So to show him I can do and be better,

I still clean our home daily,

I ask if I should cook,

Each and every night.

I nurture both of us because…

I realize these days,

It’s about so much more than me.

I adamantly use less plastic.

I compost what’s left 

Of what I leave. 

I’m committed,

So when I leave,

(In my daily commutes I mean)

I give away what’s still useful. 

No longer casually,

Removing the undesired, 

I recognize the differences between



And recycling.

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