Longevity is a goal that a lot of artists hope for in the span of their music career. Over time, artists reinvent themselves or create music over multiple genres in order to increase their reach to fans. This sometimes can make or break an artist. One band that continues to extend their musical repertoire is Maroon 5.

The Pop-Rock band led by vocalist, Adam Levine has been known to collaborate with some of music’s biggest artists in Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop including Cardi B, Christina Aguilera, Wiz Khalifa & SZA. As the band approaches 20 years in the music industry, they have built up quite the catalogue filled with some of your favorite songs of all time. This past week, Maroon 5 returns to release their first single, Beautiful Mistakes featuring Megan Thee Stallion off their upcoming seventh album.

            The song finds both artists depicting relationship issues and their need for respect from their significant other. The feature from Megan Thee Stallion is interesting as it shows a departure from the rapper’s traditional sound for a melodic one expanding her artistry. Adam Levine complements her rapping and singing skills over the guitar driven instrumental.

Beautiful Mistakes has just thrown its hat in the ring for Song of the Summer. As the weather warms up, I can bet we will hear this song blast all over the airwaves soon. Maroon 5 has a knack for bringing together artists for big collabs and I can’t wait to see what will come of them on their upcoming project. You can download Beautiful Mistakes on all major streaming services.

Beautiful Mistakes (Inspired by the song of the same name)

You used to reside in my head

Now you faded away into memories

Wish I showed you the wrath

But that would be a sin to me

Turned into an enemy 

Masked by saying you’re into me

Took the straight jacket off 

You not attached to me mentally

Lips magical like poetry

The way your heart spoke to me

I thank you for the dreams

But now you’ve awoken me

Up and when I’m up 

Staying up like I’m a stuck

You tried your luck

And it sucked

Glad I ducked

Feeling fucked

It’s beautiful to see

You weren’t a mistake 

You had lessons to give

And I had to take

Mannequin feelings 

Dressed in passion

So fake

Now look at you

Eating regret off your plate 

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