S2/EP5: Currently & Concurrently…

The weight of divorce,

Still wafts in the room sometimes.

Hangs on my shoulders,


It stains my new shirt with tears,

After I got dressed up

Just for him,

And then,

It thickens the air,

As I try to be strong,

As I try to silently breathe,

So that in this

Particular moment,

I can be what he needs,

So that in this

Particular moment,

I can give him all of me,


The mass of separation,

Is enduring and endearing.

It muffles confident words, 

Laces them with hesitation 

When he speaks. 

Reinforces my reservations, 

Gives gravity

To things I perceive. 

Inability to trust something new,

Inability to open myself fully.

Though I still hold him closely

For comfort, 

I still hold him uncomfortably

I still hold him carefully and distantly.

Depending on your point of view,

These things somehow happen

Currently & Concurrently,


I believe

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