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“It all started from conversations about our experience in the poetry industry. Usually one of us would call the other to talk about where we’re submitting – as we are accountability partners – but it would always turn into a long discussion about the industry as a whole.”

Getting the Gurlz Back Together (our audio interview component) explores the correlation between beauty, intelligence, and talent in the industry. We will work to dispel publishing myths through truth-telling, but also investigate/expose the misogyny and sexism within the industry.

Each week, Khalisa and Sofia will speak to prominent authors and writers about how their appearance has affected their success, opportunities, credibility, and psyche. These interviews will feature Vanessa Angelica Villareal, Tiana Clark, Gabrielle Bates, I.S. Jones, Stephanie Athena, and many others.

After all, we are getting the gurlz back together.

Find us at The Poetry Question, we’re so excited to meet you there.

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