Heartbreak Anniversary (inspired by song of the same name)

See Valentine’s Day just ain’t the same

I remember how babe was how you called my name

And I remember how a month later, nothing was the same

I remember how you left

Took a while for me to feel right

It took awhile for me to forgive you

On how you left me that night

It was 7:15pm in a Kroger parking lot via text

You became responsible for the consequences that came next

Depression, anger, thank you for the content

I made a book because of you, to help me become content

Now February 18th comes around, and I sit here and laugh

A heartbreak and anniversary, 

this ain’t adding up, fuck this math

The day that I met you

And our last meeting are too different people

My mind has summed up that those will never again be equal

It’s getting warmer outside

Just like the day you walked out my life

I’m glad you walked out of my life

And now you probably think of me

R&B has brought itself, once again, to the forefront of the music industry. More and more artists, both old and new are finding success on the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 Albums Chart. Something that contributes to this is the fact that a lot of artists are blending genres in order to term them Rhythm & Blues. Several artists just follow the standard formula of the sound; one of these artists is newcomer, GIVEON.

Ever since GIVEON received a co-sign from Canadian rapper Drake last year, his superstardom has been on the rise. He was first featured on the artist’s mixtape, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, on the track ‘Chicago Freestyle’ making his first top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. He went on to release two EPs, Take Time & When It’s All Said & Done. His singles, ‘Stuck on You’ and & ‘Like I Want You’ became fan favorites as they gained mainstream attention. This March, he released both EPs as a compilation album with new songs entitled When It’s All Said & Done…Take Time.

GIVEON’s latest single, Heartbreak Anniversary has become a hit among fans with the help of the social media platform, Tik Tok. The song depicts the anniversary of a break up, and how he misses her. I love the emotion as his baritone voice accentuates the rawness and sincerity in its lyrics. The relatability of the song draws people in and you cannot help but sing along. You can see glimpses of Frank Ocean and Sampha in his singing as he cites them as some of his influences.

GIVEON has a bright future. With a Grammy nomination already under his belt for an EP, we can expect to see more accolades to pour in as the years come. I’m interested to see who the singer collaborates with in the future. You can hear Heartbreak Anniversary on all major music streaming services.



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