Celebrities that come into the limelight at a young age has always been common in the entertainment industry. The exposure that comes with the price of fame can have long-lasting effects. We’ve seen this too many times with musicians. One of these artists who has had an intricate development is Justin Bieber.

The YouTube sensation, discovered by R&B singer Usher, has grown into his own over the last few years. He has come a long way from his first single, One Time, and has become a Pop/R&B sensation providing hits for over a decade. In the last year, as have many artists, he spent his quarantine making music for his fans, fresh off the release of his fifth album, Changes. Now this past week, Justin Bieber is back with his brand new album, Justice, and the latest single, Peaches.

The Daniel Ceaser & GIVEON assisted track is the feel good track we needed for 2021. The mid-tempo instrumentation finds the three singers reminiscing about the good times with their significant other. The different voices blend effortlessly and you just want to either ride with the top down or get up and dance.

Justin Bieber continues to be one of today’s biggest artists, adding another hit to his catalogue. Justice is available now on music streaming services.

Peaches (Inspired by the song of the same name)

Sweet as a peach

Melanin glowing like you from Florida

Just know I would like to take you out 

And I’m a deliver if I order ya

I’m not a dine and dash 

We gonna sit down and take time

I’m the type when the check come 

I say don’t worry about that, it’s mine

You give me the confidence if we in public

To others I say don’t worry about it, she mine

We’ll be the one Justin sang about

saying love was until the end of time

I’m just a man in Ohio

This love is not a free trial

No coming back to it, no time to compile 

Just hit my line and just dial

If we takeoff, I’m going the extra mile

And best believe we taking flights

Let us handle our business during the day

So we can relax and play all night

I’m at the point where I’m not stressing things

That’s just life

And I’m hoping to continue when I make you part of my life 

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