S2/EP7(Ω): Ever So Lately

A hot comb straightens my new growth.

The edges of my existence.

Though I trim the dead ends,

My mane still feels unhealthy.

Still it seeks nourishment.

Something is missing and broken.

Broke and in pain.

Pain because he ain’t here.

Making it hard for eyes to open,

Like sunlight and fear.

Light of day seems hard to face.

It fades my sight,

Now I only exist in countless

Drinks under the blanket of night.

Ever So Lately.

I’ve been drinking all alone,

Hoping he’ll randomly,

Walk through my door,

Just one last time

I’ll find resolve after being hopeful.

Hopeful his love will resuscitate me.

Take me higher than this pit.

Rock bottom from which only he,

Can elevate my current self.

Ever So Lately.

Introduction to insomnia.

I think of him so often,

Often enough for it to still hurt,

That’s why I’ve been trying to make it work.

The room and tomb,

In which I lay my head,

Been silent as our interactions.


From insomnia to insanity,

And I find it crazy,


Ever So Lately…

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