S2/EP7(α): Ever So Lately

I’m no one’s good luck charm. 

Not even my own. 

So there’s no way,

Things can be going good for me.

I question why,

For what reason,

And when I will see, 

Where things can be as different as

Who I will become,

In the evolution from that space…

In that place,

Will I kneel?

Speak and sing praise to a God

I’ve felt in the past has forsaken me?

Thank them for my experience? 

Tell them I now realize

I didn’t get the short end of the deal?

Had a better hand.

Upper hand in this life.

I just needed time to build,

Confidence in myself…

I order another round. 

Two drinks later I’m a minefield. 

Still he loves me so deeply.

Deep as the secrets

The ocean holds captive.  

Three drinks further,

I’m surprised because I know and feel,

That he stands by me firmly.

Adamantly keeps me close 


I see the resolve on his face, 

Know he will,

Always be with me,

As long as I love him back,


Ever So Lately…

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One Reply to “S2/EP7(α): Ever So Lately”

  1. Deborah says:

    It just summarizes what a lot of people go through before they finally see the light of God’s love.
    I love this!

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