Discovering new artists is rewarding. It takes just that one song for me to want to deep dive into the musician’s catalogue. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this next artist develop over the last few years. The hardwork and dedication is inspiring. Introducing Tone.

I was first introduced to the Cincinnati-born rapper’s music in 2018 on SoundCloud. I was captivated by his lyrical ability and the content he discussed in his earlier music. He takes a unique approach to creating music as he finds an instrumental and lets the song come to him. During 2020, Tone did as many musicians have done during the pandemic, took time to create new music. He released an EP entitled Sanctified Royalty, a body of work that emerged from the current civil unrest, with his hit single ‘I Can’t Breathe’ becoming a fan favorite.

This week, Tone released his latest single ‘My Time Is Now’ on the rapper’s birthday. The anthemic track is reminiscent of Drake’s Laugh Now, Cry Later, as Tone raps with something to prove. “It’s deeper than music. I’m at a point in my life where I evolved so much, it’s time to collect what’s mine,” the rapper stated speaking of the song title’s significance. The hook is catchy and the buildup to the heavy hitting bass will sure please listeners.

The future is promising for the up and coming artist. Citing influences from J.Cole and Drake, Tone is showing fans he is the one to look out for in the future. He is readying a new project to be released during the Summer featuring this track and another single, “Winnin”. Stay tuned for more Tone in the future.

My Time Is Now (inspired by song of same name)

Been perfecting my craft

Before getting the cheese

Studied the pen

Now it flows with the ease

No slacking now

No time for a sleaze

If this here’s a rap

I swear it’s a tease

It’s sickening who’s listening

I didn’t even sneeze

I’m warming up

No time to freeze

I’m well mannered 

I do this to please 

Thank you, thank you 

You’re far too kind

So many times been caught in a bind

I just pressed forward no need to rewind 

the coast is clear

It’s time to unwind 

No need to worry

I swear I’m fine

What’s right now

I say it’s my time 

A bunch of Mufasas

They swear I’m lyin’

When it comes to rules 

I swear I’m defying

Since the beginning

Been focused on winning

Momentum is ending

They focused on trending


 I thought the words was a given

The ink no joke

No I’m not kidding

Marvel in my success

Cuz I Wanda your vision 

People try to cut deep

I call it incision

Got patched up

And I’m still not quitting

Got some tricks up my sleeve

Just a few additions

Nothing’s impossible

And that’s on my mission 

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