S2/EP9(α): Aléxandros aka Uri:



Persisting through love,

Makes me wonder

When we’ll hurt each other,

And in turn,

Hurt ourselves,

Because in order to

Serve and protect,

Our hearts, 

We took advantage

Of someone else…

And because they haven’t noticed,

We just don’t see it yet.

So we subtract,

Our time and bodies. 

Invest in something new.

While stringing words

And situations along, 

Keep a couple options

On the shelf

To hold on – to,

As we currently and concurrently

Put our loves through hell. 


Makes me wonder,

Brainstorm and thunder,

Shocking revelations and truth under,

Considerations like… 

When and why

We’ll hurt ourselves? 

Does our belief

That we don’t deserve,

To be loved

Turn us away from each other? 

Another sad story to tell.

Gives us another

Excuse to have quick,

Meaningless sex?

For a moment

Too short to be…

Real enough to be felt.

Though it cuts right through us

And we know it scars other people


We just don’t see it yet…

…and that scares me.


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