S2/EP9(Ω): Òleksandr aka Uri.


Right or wrong,

Are both irrelevant introspections

If our words 

Hold no weight.

So I weigh my interactions 

Make subtractions


As I feel needed and necessary.

Since happily ever after

With you, 

Wasn’t my story book fate.

I reference older points of view,

To choose my path

So I find strength

Not fear or sadness

In the fall before the rise

Of every hero and saint.

Without you,

I’ll understand my journey 

One day, 

But if need be,

Or if you need me,

May resilience resound my words,

Remember these things I say: 

I still miss you

And I’d kiss you

If I could

Because honestly

I think of you fondly,

Still love you in early mornings

That bring me glints of silver


When my skies are grey.

Never forget I’m still…

Yours always,

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