REPLAYS: PinkPantheress – Pain

Social Media has helped many artists propel them into the spotlight. Some of your favorite songs on Billboard are popular with the help of Twitter, IG & Tik Tok. Some of the previous REPLAYS have been popular songs on Tik Tok. This next artist I came as I couldn’t escape hearing the sound being used on various profiles. Introducing Pinkpantheress.

Little is currently known about the emerging artist, but the London native has been making waves on Tik Tok with her song, Pain. The anonymity of the artist reminds me of the beginning stages of The Weeknd’s career when he released his mixtapes in 2011. Currently, the artist has six songs available on theit Soundcloud page.

One thing that caught my ear when listening to Pinkpantheress’ music is the nods to House and Funk from back in the day. Her single, Pain, is nothing like any other song currently out right now. The two minute track is an up-tempo feel good song that depicts memories of a bad breakup. The song’s catchiness comes from the hook as they sing a “La La La” that makes listeners want to get up and dance. I’m interested to hear a full project from this artist. Take the time to check out this new artist and add their music to your playlists available on all streaming services.

Pain (inspired by the song of the same name)

It’s a new day

And a new dawn

And I 99.9% mean when I say

I’m glad I washed my hands of any

And everything surrounding the pain

20 seconds wasn’t really enough

To erase the virus of the feeling like 

You wanted me to be a meme

But there’s no crying Jordan faces over here

You won’t encapsulate that moment of weakness

And that maybe a hard pill for you to swallow

But you better drink up

Because believe it or not

Whether you look at the glass half empty or full

Enjoy the moment you had over me 

When you realize it’s gone

I’ll be laughing in the end 

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