“L3” (LENNY Season Three).

Alternate lives or alternate realities? See how things unfold in “L3” (#LENNY Season Three).

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(L3: #LENNY Season 3 will be available August 2021)

How You Can Help & What You Get:

The L3: LENNY Season 3 funding goal is to raise $20k ($20,000) in 30 days. Funds will assist in paying all of the producers and artists involved, all legal and copyrights, website design, documentation and editing of the process, as well as assist in production of high quality merchandise that will be exclusive to this campaign.

By investing in this project, you are helping to enable a team of creatives to continue working and pushing their abilities forward.

  • With your support, LENNY is set to include:
    • Hardcover and Softcover book options.
    • eBooks.
    • Signed Artwork.
    • Exclusive Merchandise.
    • An immersive soundscore. 
    • A full-length soundtrack. (pending funding goals being met)

Other Ways You Can Help:

REMEMBER, there are multiple ways to support this campaign. Some of the FREE ways in which you can help include:

  1. Spread the word about LENNY and this campaign to your friends and family.
  2. Have a colleague or know someone who would be interested in this work? Send them an e-mail with a link to this page.
  3. On Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), make sure to share a link to this page and use the hashtag: #LENNY with your posts.
  4. Take a look at the story (via thepoetryquestion.com), and interact with the work. If you have a favorite episode (poem), let people know and tell them why. 
  5. Follow @bradleygalimore on Twitter & Instagram for exclusive updates.

The Impact

There’s only one word to describe what LENNY brings to the table, and the immersive experience that can be accomplished with YOUR support: unforgettable.

  • This project bridges poetry, art and music in a uniquely innovative way; one that is set to leave a mark in the literary world.
  • The show has gained a dedicated and thoughtful fan base, and set to grow exponentially with the release of L3: LENNY Season 3.
  • This project and campaign will show that something of this magnitude/approach CAN be done, and it will open the floor to discussions of HOW it can be done by others.

About the Creator: Bradley Galimore.

Bradley Galimore (he/him/they/them) is a visual artist, storyteller and poet, currently residing in Brooklyn, NY.

  • His work is shaped by his background in the United States Navy, studies in fine art, special education, psychology, work with the visually impaired/blind and personal experience as a synesthete (find out more about synesthesia here) . He approaches writing from a stance of philosophical introspection and narrative by utilizing a poetic free verse/lyrical essay style. Because he wants his work to open the floor for deep discussion, he emphasizes on the sound of the words and if they work in harmony with each point.
    • Follow Bradley on Twitter: here.

About the Producers: Chris Campbell & Nico Rosenberg.

  • Chris Campbell (aka Lovely Nothing),  is an Irish-Canadian Producer & Songwriter becoming known for his unique blend of visceral story-based lyricism and delicate yet powerfully emotive soundtracks. In 2016, Campbell relocated to the US and re-focused his efforts towards writing and production for multi-genre musical talent and visual creators in film and TV. Drawing comparisons to artists like Bon Iver, The National, Paper Kites & Fleet Foxes, the collection of songs to come in 2021 are a journal of poignant discovery. Blending moments of delicate vulnerability with soaring, crescendoing certainty, each track represents a significant & relatable emotional journey. They are a testament to the knowledge that there is purpose and beauty in just about everything; that there is always light to be found, if you look for it.
    • Find out more about Chrishere.
    • Hear Chris’ music: here.
  • Nico Rosenberg is an electronic music producer and sound artist from Santiago, Chile.
    He first came to prominence as a member of the local band BORAJ before establishing himself as a solo artist. His sound is distinguished by the use of tape manipulation, layered synthesizers and probabilistic algorithms.
    • Find out more about Nicohere.
    • Hear Nico’s music:  here.

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