Music is known to bring together some of the biggest artists for collaborations. We have all witnessed and pondered on what our favorite artists would sound like on a track. For many, dreams have come true, while other still wait for the day to come. This week, I take a look at singers Demi Lovato & Ariana Grande as they came together for, Met Him Last Night.

One can imagine the vocals coming from these two Pop powerhouses during the opening instrumental. I imagine a lot of riffs and high notes and we get to hear it all on Demi’s latest single from her latest album, Dancing With The Devil…the Art of Starting Over. The mid-tempo track finds the artist enticed by temptations whether they be dangerous or serious. The track can be seen as therapeutic as the two artists have both dealt with their own traumatic experiences over the years.

I commend the two for coming together to discuss the topic of personal demons. Listeners can appreciate as they are able to recognize their issues and work through them. I hope fans of both artists will boost this song on the Billboard charts. You can listen to this song and her latest album on all music streaming services.

Last Night (Inspired by Met Him Last Night by Demi Lovato & Ariana Grande)

Bogeyman in my mind

Trying to creep into reality

Defeated him in the past

So right now he mad at me

I’m in my ever after 

Living happily

And it sees it as a tragedy

Wants to get a rise

It only gets a laugh from me

I saw the old me 

We met again last night

Caught me off guard

And gave me some fright

Showed me the dark

Not losing the light 

Me against me

A main feature

The student 

Becomes the teacher

You try to ruin my day for fun

I can do that in my leisure

You got me fucked up

I won’t let this happen 

Pick your best play

Go ahead go All-Madden

Watch me the QB

For the showdown

I’ll run down

Make way til I touchdown

Never will you get ahold

Of this kings crown 

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