REPLAYS: Save Your Tears (Remix) by The Weeknd & Ariana Grande

Now as I mentioned last week, there are times when certain pairs of artists come together for music, they create timeless music for fans new and old to love. Duos such as Jay Z & Beyonce and Rihanna & Drake are just a few pairs that have made some of your favorite collaborations over the years. These next two have come together for the third time to create the next Billboard #1 Hot 100 single.

R&B sensation The Weeknd and Pop superstar Ariana Grande have teamed up once again for the remix of the former’s latest single, “Save Your Tears”. The two have collaborated on the three tracks over the last decade with the prior hits, “Love Me Harder” and “Off the Table”. Just like the first two songs, the two performers on their latest effort is instant perfection. The solo version of the track was already a fan-favorite off his latest album, After Hours, and the addition of Ariana’s verse is very complimentary. The riffs in her vocals and the runs the pair of them do towards the end of the song are highlights.

There is no denying the musical connection between The Weeknd and Ariana Grande. Every time the two get together it just adds more inclinations of how these artists would sound on a full length project. Who knows what the future holds, but in the meantime, you can listen to “Save Your Tears (Remix)” available now on all music streaming services.

Save Your Tears (inspired by song of the same name)

I saw myself in a crowded room

I saw no else when I looked at you

Took my happiness to another place

Came into my life with angelic grace

Came into my life when I needed an angel

And not play with my emotions on the go like a handheld

If I wanted someone to switch up on me, I’d take my talents to Nintendo

Opened up to you just to be shut out like a window

The price I paid for your love as you sent it to others like Venmo

Somewhere we got out of rhythm and we messed up the tempo

I don’t know why I ran away 

On second thought, you were the reason

Left a bad taste in my mouth

Bland without season

Thought you were someone I could trust

Then you committed a treason

Save Your Tears for someone else

I’m leaving  

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