Over the years, it has become common for DJs and music producers to collaborate with different musicians on their own projects. First seen in rap & hip hop by the likes of DJ Khaled & DJ Drama, producers of EDM, techno and pop such as Calvin Harris & DJ Snake have all become well known for bringing artists together under their signature sound. The next REPLAY is a DJ/music producer hailing from the UK, Shift K3Y.

The 27 year old DJ originally from London has been releasing music since 2014. For his latest single, Shift K3Y partners with pop superstar, Tinashe for their single “Love Line”. The up-tempo track is made for the dance floor as the anthemic instrumental is a feel good bop. The song is about women’s empowerment, and teaching women to not settle for less in love and relationships. Tinashe’s vocals are effortless and complement the track very well.

         I’m interested to see more from Shift K3Y. I can see this song being played in the clubs all summer long. Hopefully, this is the first indicator of what’s to come from the music producer. You can download “Love Line” on all streaming services.

Love Line (inspired by the song of the same name)

Let me tell you a story

About love playing games 

It’s name must be Alicia

Since love so hard to reach ya

She has the keys to my heart 

But you don’t know my name

No her name must be Summer

Out in the streets 

On her hot girl shit

She don’t need a man

She just want to get lit

Showing off her Megan body

Making sure everything fit

I’m not waiting

If she’s not either

Haven’t got it in full

There’s been a few teasers

There’s been a few trailers

Not the main feature

Not being impolite 

When i say wanna pleaser

This is not a love line

Somehow we getting disconnected

Keep getting in these situations

My heart’s not protected 

Pain doesn’t care

Who gets affected

I’ll continue to wait to give off

What gets reflected 

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