Tell me what you need

Passion or independence

I can be a good addition

Or I can be the one to make a difference

I can be your new edition

Can you stand the rain

And when the grey clouds roll away

Does the sun reveal your pain

I’m here to bring you comfort

And to not bring you disdain

Life too’s short for the what if’s

I’m here for the what’s next

And when you ready to partake

I’ll be here to send that text

Tell me what you need

Temporary or permanence

Kick them old habits to the curb

And say to them good riddance

That strength is working out for you

You got used to all the resistance

And go bask in the greatness

I’ll be waiting for you in an instance

2020 brought forth a lot of new artists to the spotlight. One of those artists to do so was Houston, TX rapper/singer, Don Toliver. Many were first introduced to the musician on Travis Scott’s single, “Can’t Say,” off his last album, ASTROWORLD. He signed to the rapper’s Cactus Jack label and went on to release a steady flow of music from features to a compilation album for the group, Jackboys. His first studio album, Heaven or Hell, was released right before the pandemic at the beginning of March and became a viral sensation for the singles, “No Idea,” “After Party,” and “Had Enough” on TikTok.

This week, Don Toliver returns with new music of his own for his sophomore effort coming this summer. His first single, “What You Need,” released last week and the musician’s signature sound shines through on the melodic beat. His ability to go back and forth between rapping and singing is effortless on the heavy hitting instrumental. I can see this song being played in the clubs all summer long. I can’t wait to see what collaborations come from his sophomore effort.

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