Seeing Green (inspired by the song of the same name)

My movements align

To my journey to the pearly gates

Check my pearly whites 

before I begin to orate 

And before you go saying I sound irate

At this point that’s all I have to give

Yeah it’s fate

Signed in the stars

You just in it for the constellation

I been doing this here since Wayne’s dedication

I been doing this here, hear the dedication

I’ve been doing this hair, na look at the transformation

Went bald on everyone 

And look how things shaping up

If you ain’t growing with me 

Then you had to be cut

Had my patience tested 

Now I don’t give a fuck

Had the grey hairs showing

I guess the stress brought me good luck

I got my weight up 

Double entendre

I wish it was only one

Mental shit had me on one

But I realized I wasn’t the only one

Pen saved me

Realized I was the only one

And when you try to come for me

Realize I’m not the one

I’ll give you two cents

Pennies for thoughts better when it was times two

Being seeing green for a while now

What can you do

My words make money

My money make money

And I’ll keep that circle of life

I’m not lying homie

I’ll give it all to my family

And the ones that did it for me

And let me back off this

Y’all starting to bore me

Summer is approaching fast and we can expect a steady flow of new music from your favorite artists. This past week, we got a surprise from one of the prominent figures in rap. Nicki Minaj surprised fans on social media by teasing new music after her hiatus. The gift came in the form of her 2009 mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty to streaming services with 3 new songs.

Hip hop fans rejoiced as not only did they receive a new album from J. Cole the same night, there was sense of nostalgia as myself and many others were able to take a trip back to the mixtape era of music.

One of the new songs added to the mixtape and a standout to the rerelease was “Seeing Green,” featuring Drake & Lil’ Wayne. This a rare occurrence nowadays to see the Big 3 of YMCMB come together on a track after a decade of collaborations and hits. When these three come together, each artist bring out the best in one another as this anthemic building song highlights each of the rappers equally. The main theme in the song redemption, something I relate to myself in many ways. Nicki Minaj has been in the game for 12 years and has experienced many levels of success, breaking records in Billboard and countless awards. She has had her fair share of highs and lows, but one thing that stays with her is the feeling she always has to prove something as she raps. We, as creatives and writers, experience this as well, constantly finding new ways to better ourselves. YMCMB contributed a lot to incorporating musicality in my writing and over the years, I still feel I’m constantly perfecting it in my writing.

Whether you hate or love Nicki Minaj, give her credit for her longevity in the game. 2009 was at the beginning of the mixtape era and Beam Me Up Scotty was at the forefront. 12 years later, new fans can appreciate the music today. “Seeing Green” is an example of mixtape Nicki Minaj that fans have grown to love over the years.

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