Sun Goes Down (inspired by the song of the same name)

I wanted to runaway

But I’m not Kanye West

At times I didn’t feel like Superman

Even with an S on my chest

Life is full of adventures

With many side quests

Well who played the game first

And didn’t let us test

We fill in the blanks

Leave it up to choice

At times, I should’ve 

listened to my voice

Didn’t know what depression felt like 

Until I was nineteen

It took my crown and the jewels

And said it was fit to be king

Fast forward ten years

I went through the same thing

Felt like this nightmare was becoming like the American dream

I rather go back to the day

And tell them I’m sorry

For the way things panned out

And my mind wouldn’t rob me

Of happiness no more

I’m not experiencing sadness

Years later I see the beauty

Behind all the madness

And behind these two eyes 

My mental has been better than ever

Thankful for being able to do better

I can’t end this month without highlighting that this is Mental Health Awareness Month. This topic has been very important to me and friends of mine who’ve dealt with mental issues in the past. Many humans deal with turmoil hidden to the eye. It takes courage and strength to fight through these struggles. Myself like others find things to channel the negative energy into positive. Musicians have been known to discuss mental health in their music. This next artist, Lil Nas X discusses this in his latest single, ‘Sun Goes Down’.

  The meteoric rise of the young artist over the last two years has catapulted Lil Nas X into the limelight after the release of their record breaking debut single, “Old Town Road”. Earlier this year, there was controversy with his first single, “Montero”. The musician has been known to troll people on social media who criticize him and music. It was after the release of “Montero,” that Lil Nas X stated the criticisms began taking a toll on him. In his latest single, Lil Nas X discusses this along with the stress of being bullied when he was younger, publicly coming out as gay a few years ago, and his fight with depression and suicidal thoughts. By the end of the track, he sings of hope and encourages listeners to stay strong and to live true to themselves.

‘Sun Goes Down’ is a standout track for the musician. It is a departure from his previously released music and fans will find the message to be refreshing. It is also a representation that we do not know what goes on in the minds of artists. People in the entertainment industry are always seen as iconic figures, and some people forget that they are human too. No matter the struggle, mental health is a topic that should be taken seriously. Find that outlet to help you process the things you go through. Writing has been that for me and I’m very appreciative of it every day. We are strong individuals capable of overcoming any and everything.

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