Pasadena (inspired by Tinashe song of the same name)

Summer’s here 

And I feel things heating up

Outside open and we’re bound to try our luck

Since we turn up when it’s up 

Until we don’t give a fuck

We’ve be down with the frowns

All last year and it sucked

Feeling right, feeling right 

Back to life, back to life

Back to life and back to reality

Filled with positivity

Strengthening my sanity

Took last year 

As a moment of clarity

The things you see now

Bask in the rarity

My movements sharpening

Like the edge of a knife

Deep diving into summer

Without worry or strife

June is the unofficial start of summer and we’re going to get a steady flow of new music to add to your playlists. As everything begins to open back up and we begin to live in the “new normal”, I’m glad to see artists push their content and bring new music to the masses. The next artist, Tinashe, has been continuously putting out music over the last few months with several collaborations. Now she is switching gears to focus on her upcoming album, 333, with her first single, Pasadena.

Within the first ten seconds of the song, the feel good track makes you want to dance with a sample of Outkast’s “Hey Ya” heard throughout. The chanting of “feeling right” and “feeling free” exudes positivity and a return to good times which can be seen as a parallel to things in real life. The last fifteen months in the pandemic have been challenging for all of us, and many artists used their platform to discuss the events in their music. The Buddy-assisted track serves as a light at the end of the tunnel for one journey and the chance to start anew. 

Throughout Tinashe’s career, she has continued to reinvent herself and push her artistry with every project she releases. The independent artist has been on a roll all 2021 and I’m excited to hear her upcoming album due later this year. “Pasadena” is a must add to everyone’s summer playlist. Highlighting the good times ahead, the subject matter of the track is something that listeners can relate to.

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