No Time (inspired by the song of the same name)

Just cut to the chase

She says her time is money

And I don’t have time to waste

Tired of dealing with the same dudes

Done with the copy and paste

Babygirl just like wine and I’m trying to have a taste

Anytime, anytime place

Just like Janet Jackson

Over Poetic Justice

And I’m with the action

Gotta measure our engagement

See if we can find some traction

Cuz if it leads to an engagement

Then I know you getting a fraction

So what you trying to do 

Stop with false pretenses 

I’m trying to make it true

I’m trying to take trips 

Somewhere nice with a view

No time being wasted

At the expense of you

There are some artists that you come across and you can tell they possess that “it factor”. From either just listening to one song or an entire project, you can become a fan of a new artist in a matter of a few listens. Dominican rapper, Kriiispy has been making a name for himself in Florida as he was just featured on a REPLAYS earlier this year with his go-to producer, Xponentbeatz. The up-and-coming artist is back with a new single for everyone to bump in their car this summer entitled ‘No Time’ featuring M.I.L.O.

Kriiispy has been working on music since 2016 but has shown a love for the art since a young age playing different musical instruments. Drawing inspirations from artists like Kanye West, Drake, Big Sean, Hayley Williams, Travis Scott & XXXtentacion, his love for different genres of music helped develop his sound over the years. The song came about earlier this year with him and his writing partner playing around with different instrumentals and was revisited last month to put final touches on the track. The end result is a certified banger as Kriiispy delivery is concise and fun for the feel good track with a catchy hook.

Keep your eyes out for the upcoming artist in the future. Currently he has an EP and several singles available on music streaming services that highlight his unique sound. As he continues to develop as a musician, producer and writer, I’m expecting to hear more from Kriiispy very soon. Check out his new single, ‘No Time’ and add this to your playlist this summer.

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