I have never been so excited about Poetry! But that wasn’t always the case. There was a death rattle. It was somewhere back in July of 2020 when I quickly sent and deleted a single tweet: “Poetry is Bullshit”. And that was it. I was tired. I felt burdened and burned out and after a couple of years of writing 200 or more reviews, I was exhausted and to a point where everyone’s words all seemed to tell me the same story, which meant I needed to stop reading, stop reviewing, and hit that reset button. I needed to not just find my words again, but write them as if I’d never seen them in the first place.


But, damn, Poetry, you always have a way of bringing me right back. Because it turns out every writer, narrator, and subject matter, has a different make, model, obstacle, feel, and endgame. Plotlines do change. Stories do unfold. Forms to do come together. Characters do come to life. 


It’s been a year since that tweet was put out into and pulled back from the ether. And in that year, The Poetry Question was brought to life. It took truly breathing in the syllables and semantics to remember how in love I always was with Poetry. It was analyzing new poems with Jeni De La O’s “Brown Study”. It was watching the guest reviews start to hit the inbox. It was the conversations had with poet and essayist, Chris L. Butler, who believed in TPQ and told me to put a team together – to build an empire. That the right people around the right table all writing about the right issues might just put all my burdens to bed. I wanted Poetry to be that something that took away all the other somethings I didn’t want to address. 

And here we are. It is August 2nd, and after a month away to tidy up, renew, and refresh, we are back and ready to discuss poetry! I’ve never been so excited to feature many of my favorite authors on the site as regulars: Jeni De La O’s “Brown Study”, Reggie Johnson’s “Replays”, Chris L. Butler’s “Muses”, Zora Satchell’s “Poetry Watch”, Mordecai Martin’s “Talk to Me”, Khalisa Rae’s “Getting the Gurlz”, and so much more! 

Thank you for being here with us. Thank you for reading and supporting poetry. Thank you for helping us to always expand the conversation. 



Chris Margolin




Chris Margolin (he/him) bleeds semantics & poetry. With almost 20 years in education, he has seen words change lives. He began TPQ when a student asked him to prove the relevancy of poetry in modern times; his work here strives to do just that.


  1. karlapoet says:

    Congratulations, Christopher! Glad you gave yourself some time to breathe…be. Looking forward to all the find reviews!

    And, while I’m here, you might want to check out my new web site at https://karlalinnmerrifield.org/ AND my new blog at https://karlalinnmerrifeld.wordpress.com/ .

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